How to introduce your dog to water in 9 steps

Enjoy safely with your best friend even on the beach!

We love our pets, and we love spending time with them even on the beach or in rivers.
Taking your pup out for a dip and cool off in the summer shouldn’t be a cause for worry or nervousness. The key is a single word: Patience

Early induction, better success rate.

Like young children, puppies are more willing to learn the younger they are. They are a blank slate and do not have predispositions like older dogs.
The earlier his education, the easier it will be for your dog to become familiar with the sea, waves, and the sound of water.

Obedience always.

It is extremely important that before introducing your dog to the water, it has already been trained to obey commands.
The conditions of the sea or the river can be dangerous, and only you can determine when it is safe to take a bath without endangering the life of your pet.
From a hangover, animals in the water, or depth, are elements that can present risks to the life of your best friend. Entering the water should only be allowed when you have determined that it is safe, and your dog must learn to wait for you to give him the green light to start the fun.

Breeds related to water

Keep in mind that not all dogs like the water and some breeds are better known for being excellent swimmers. Breeds such as Labradors are known for their love of water, while others are naturally shy and not at all inclined toward this element.
On the other hand, the character and safety of your dog are essential factors when bringing it closer to the water. You know your pet and you must have noticed some signs that they like to take a dip.
If when you turn on a hose in the yard and your dog likes to get soaked, he is a good candidate. If, on the other hand, the sound of a shower causes stress in her, it is better to lower your expectations.

Bath time.

Bath time is the first meeting point of your best friend with water. And the best way to start bringing your dog closer to the sea is to give him confidence at bath time.
Grooming your dog is a good way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet. Confidence is the cornerstone for your pet to decide to take the next step.
Give him love and when you bathe him avoid it being a forced and stressful experience. Make bath time his time, it’s all about him.
It is also the moment in which you can determine how reticent or not he is to water.
You can start by bathing your dog in a pet pool in the garden with a few inches of water so that it takes it naturally.

Playing games in the water.

The best way to introduce your dog to the sea is to bring his favorite toy. Be it a ball, a frisbee, or some other toy; use the same to bring your dog closer to the shore.
From playing catch throwing the ball closer and closer to the shore, to playing chase along the shore. The best way for him to start getting his paws wet is naturally, with play.
Remember that the nose of dogs is 10 thousand times better than yours, and they smell your adrenaline if you are tense. Do not transmit fear while you bring it closer to the sea, enjoy the experience too, because at the end that is what it is all about, having fun together.
If your dog is a bit more reluctant to go near the water, bringing his favorite treat is one way to give him extra motivation.
As your dog goes deeper, you can reward him with a treat.

Together to the water.

Your dog trusts you. If you see that you enter the water with him, he will feel safer.
As your pet gets deeper into the water, it may become difficult for him. So he’s on hand to help you float, and you can even provide him with a dog life vest to help him learn to float.
The moment your dog feels that he is not hitting the bottom, his instincts will cause him to start kicking. And he will do it more calmly if you see that you are next to him to help him while he takes the rhythm of kicking.
You can help him step by step raise his head so that he does not swallow water, or get it through his ears and nose. He will learn to raise his head naturally.

Be flexible and patient

If your dog gets scared as he goes deeper, allow him to come back to shore to regain his composure. Do not force him, do not pretend that he learns to swim in one attempt or in a single day.
Our dog Parko, a beautiful Australia Huskie, took days to learn to like the sea. And today, going to the beach is a reason to wag your tail and jump for joy.
He tries short periods in the water to build confidence and learn the mechanics of how to swim.


It is important that you teach your dog not to drink seawater. Salt in dogs can be even deadly, as it causes dehydration, vomiting, and dizziness.

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