How to Maintain Your Pool in Summer – Properly

It is a good question and it should be answered with the necessary precautions. 

Here are some guidelines on swimming pool maintenance you should follow during the hot months:

Maintain the correct level of temperature. 

In case you are using an automatic heater, make sure it has a gauge to indicate the temperature. Do not exceed the recommended limit of heating because the extra warmth can be a threat to your life. If you have automatic or solar-heated swimming pools, their thermostats must also be checked frequently.

Check the pH level of the water. 

You can use a testing kit to measure acidity or alkalinity. When the water has high alkalinity, it can potentially harm your eyes. Your swimming pool can easily become a victim of cloudy or dirty water. If the water turns cloudy or dirty after you add chemicals, immediately remove it and have the water treated.

Proper pool maintenance can save you money. 

The cost of having your pool professionally maintained can vary depending on the size and the equipment used. Some of the common swimming pool maintenance services include cleaning the filter and pumping the water through the system. These are normally done once every month.

To prevent the growth of algae, which can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions, you should regularly test the water. You can purchase test kits at most swimming pool shops. When you test the water, check for the following: the PH level, the ammonia level, the sodium level, and the calcium level. If there are abnormalities, you should have the water analyzed before taking any action.

The amount of chlorine used in swimming pool maintenance depends on the size and the type of pool you have. Professional pool service providers use high-tech instruments to test the water and determine how much is needed to keep it clean. In case of doubt, you can purchase chlorine additives that are available at local swimming pool shops. They usually come in tubes and can be added to the water yourself. However, you need to be very careful when using these chemicals as they can cause damage to your skin.

Maintenance professionals recommend monthly testing because certain conditions can affect the functionality of your pool. For example, poorly installed solar filters can result in cloudy water, which makes swimming pool maintenance more difficult. A lack of chlorine can also reduce the chemical’s effectiveness, making swimming pool maintenance even more difficult. Therefore, it is important that you choose a professional swimming pool service provider who will test the water and advise you on how to maintain your pool in the summer.

One of the best ways to minimize the chemicals in your pool is to purchase automatic swimmers. You will find that these devices work best when used in hot weather since they eliminate the need for manually replacing the chlorine. An automatic swimming pool cleaner is a good investment in order to save money on swimming pool maintenance. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, installing a cover can also help protect the pool during the summer.

Finally, remember to check all the safety precautions to keep your children away from chemicals and the pool when unsupervised!

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