BESTWAY 2.8×1.57M Inflatable Doodle Glow Pool


  • 2.80m x 1.57m x 46cm (110” x 62” x 18”)
  • Designed water capacity: 556 L (147 gal.)
  • 2 LED flashlights for drawing and a set of stencil
  • Use 4 x AAA DC1.5V Batteries (Battery not included)
  • Extra-wide side walls
  • 2 equal rings
  • Sturdy I-beam construction
  • Two 3 interconnecting nozzles
  • Heavy-duty repair patch
  • Releases pool water with the easy-to-use drain valve
  • Children can doodle on the fluorescent floor with the LED flashlight
  • Package Content:- Doodle Glow Pool – 2 LED Flashlights – A set of Stencil – Heavy-duty Repair Patch Pictures
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Out of stock

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Children have drowned in portable swimming pools.
Ensure active adult supervision at all times.
Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool—keep them within arms’ reach.
Empty and store safely after use.
Pool fencing laws apply to this pool. Consult your local government authority for fencing requirements.

Compliance: This product complies with the following Australian Standards:
Aquatic Toys Safety Standard 2020
Swimming and Flotation Aids Safety Standard 2017
Aquatic toys Mandatory Standards



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Dimensions 11 × 40 × 41 cm