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144 Heavy Duty Compostable Bio Degradable Poop Waste Bags with Lavender scent


MORE BAGS FOR YOUR MONEY 144 Bags in a box. Other brands regularly come with only 120. Get 24 more!

EXTRA LONG BAGS  Large Bags (22.86cm x 33.02cm).


ODOR BLOCKER Lavender scent eliminates odors.

LEAK PROOF BAGS Prevents waste overflow.

BIODEGRADABLE The TDPA additive catalyses or accelerates the reaction between plastic molecules and oxygen in the air, increasing several times over the degradation rate. They are made of PE plastic and EPI oxidant additives to improve shelf-life while providing a biodegradation rate suitable for the final disposal environment protecting the environment.

ECOFRIENDLY PACKAGE This package is made of recycled materials.



To avoid the danger of suffocation, please keep all plastic bags in a safe location away from children and animals. These bags are not toys.

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Picking the waste after a dog walk is easy and odour free with the NEW Aussie Land Heavy Duty Poop waste bags.

When picking your pet poo, nothing is more comfortable than knowing that your hands will be clean and mess-free.

Our Dog bags are tear-resistant and biodegradable. Nothing pollutes the environment while you keep your premises and public spaces clean for kids and other dogs to enjoy.

The Lavender scent will nullify all traces of unpleasant odours from your pet waste.

Pick a poo and throw the bag into the recycling bin with confidence that you are disposing of your dog waste in a proper and safe manner.


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Dimensions 15 × 6.25 × 6.25 cm


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