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Cat Toilet House with door


  • Easy To Assemble
  • Durable Construction
  • Two-Way Flap Door
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Keep mess to a minimum with our Paws & Claws Cat Toilet House with a two-way flap door to avoid mess and leakage.

Our durable and non-toxic litter house is perfect for giving your furry friends the privacy and comfort they need. Our easy to assemble design has a sturdy frame and minimizes any odor.

The perfect Cat Toilette set up…

To avoid odors and the cleanest space for your cat to go, you should include Silica and a Cat Mat…here is why?

Silica litter prevents bacteria with crystals that absorb urine and help dehydrate feces, making your cat’s litter box too dry to sustain any growth. This helps prevent kidney problems and UTIs in cats. Environmentally, silica litters will biodegrade and are non-toxic, making them a better choice than clay

A cat mat just after the toilette door will help to recover all the unused silica and avoid your cat spreading inadvertently silica throughout the house.


Paws and Claws


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